Breath is Life.

Traditional stories say that it was the Creator that breathed life into us. Different religions and spiritual practices mimic this as well in their stories. In Mindfulness we are encouraged to "return to the breath" when our mind wanders or our body gets tense or uneasy. Feeling it, but learning also in the awareness of our mind, body and breath, that it provides sustenance for our very existence within the mind, body and soul.

Art + Breath = Flow

The practice of Mindful Meditative Art begins here, with exploring the breath through the moving mindfulness meditation of art making. Focusing on tempo, phrase and coherence. As if we are writing an original composition. These lessons teach us to slow down. No come into noticing of our breath, the sensations with in and thoughts or feelings around us. Art is the vehicle for the practice.

Taught by Jessica Waters, PhD, a certified HeartMath Clinical Provider, mindfulness teachers, expressive arts therapist, counselor, coach, psychotherapist and trauma/grief/addictions specialist. She trained at the Kansas City Art Institute, Goddard College, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and has numerous certifications in both therapeutic expressive arts, mindfulness based therapies, and integrated therapies. A former public school art teacher and current psychotherapist and addictions counselor she brings her knowledge, with 25 years of mindfulness, meditation and metaphysics with her. Her Anishinaabe/European heritage helps formulate her teachings and ceremonies.

In this course you receive:

  • Teachings on smudging and Sacred Space
  • HeartMath basic breathwork
  • Self Awareness
  • 4 different Mindful Breath Art processes

Explore and Learn